Voice Out mobile app update

My Voice Out mobile app series has been updated to version 1.10!

It contains some bug fixes, UI enhancements  and supports the following:

– Stop function
– Pause function *
– Seek function *
– Receive text from other apps **
– Extract text from web page automatically if an Web URL is sent to the app **

* by paragraph only
** not available on the small app version

The current Android TTS doesn’t support “pause” so I used an alternative way to “pause” the playback by paragraph. The app will automatically highlight the paragraph read and if you press the pause button the reading will pause there.

The stop function is just a basic stop function that moves the play head back to the beginning of the text.

I also added some status message to function as feedback.

Download on Google Play:

Voice Out Small App for Sony Devices:

Voice Out for generic Android Devices (Ad-supported)

Voice Out Pro for generic Android Devices (Ad-free)